Hi. My name's Cody, and I'm the webmaster of the paintballdojo.com site. My main interest is paintball (Gee, imagine that!) I'm just a typical 15 year old, who's been playing paintball for about a year and a half. I live in southern Alberta and I'm a member at AlbertaPaintball.com.

I currently own:
- PMI Piranha bottomline w/ 12" JT 2-Piece barrel, PMI Bi-Metal XChamber, PMI venturi bolt, thumb-adjust velocity adjuster, beavertail raised sight rail and PMI double-finger trigger aluminum grip (Soon!)
- JT Elite Thermal goggle system
- B.E.Wear Armor-Back gloves
- full advantage camo
- full advantage snow camo
- and other misc. stuff that I MUST have... (haha yea right! more like little toys I like to have!)

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me through my contact page.
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